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You are welcome here,

whoever you are, no matter where you are from.


Who We are.

What We Do.

We believe that healthy communities can only be healthy when their basic sense of security and well being have been addressed; police and community relations, legal aid, immigration services, housing, healthcare, schools for kids or even food. If you have a need, ask us. We can help.​​
We are a, secular, multi-lingual service provider. Our services are strictly community based. We host community based events where people from many communities can come to meet a friend, or a therapist, to garden together or learn yoga, see a performance, take a class or just have a cup of coffee and chat.​​

What we believe.

We believe that art is curative, music is therapy and laughter heals at least some wounds which is why we offer music classes for all ages for anyone who wants to take one, and free performances.

                   The Hand that Feeds Us: 
      Saving small family owned restaurants in the age of COVID 19

Many new immigrants respond to employment barriers by starting their own businesses in their own neighborhoods and more often than not these businesses are food related. The diverse communities that make up Greater Cleveland are the reason that we have such a vibrant and ecclectic culinary scene.  Ethnic restaurants are a vital part of Cleveland's DNA. They support families and the communities that they serve.  But they feed us all. 

If you own a restaurant and are struggling to stay open, email [email protected] and see how we can help.


Our Community Partners